Badges are awards you can earn for accomplishing goals. You can activate four badges at once for their stat boosts.

Character BadgesEdit

Badge of MeritEdit

+1 Attack, +10 Health
Reach the 5th level.

Medal of LegendsEdit

+50 Health, +50 Energy
Reach the 20th level.

Glyph of PowerEdit

+4 Attack
Deal 200 damage in one hit.

Explorer's EmblemEdit

+5% Treasure drop chance
Visit 20 different areas.

Mark of ValorEdit

+5 Defense, +5 Energy
Kill 10 monsters.

Slayer's MedalEdit

+15 Health, +4 Attack
Kill 100 monsters.

Badge of BraveryEdit

-30 Health, +5% Crit
Win 20 fights with low health.

Pack Rat GlyphEdit

+5% Evasion
Buy 20 packs.

Packmaster TokenEdit

+10% Total Health
Buy 100 packs.

Collector's BadgeEdit

Lowers gold prices by 10%
Complete Tier 1 collection.

Collector's Badge IIEdit

+5 Attack, +5 Defense
Complete Tier 2 collection.

Collector's Badge IIIEdit

+80 Health, +80 Energy
Complete Tier 3 collection.

Mark of ExperienceEdit

+1 Defense
Lose a combat.

Rogue's MarkEdit

+10% Gold from monsters
Have 10,000 gold.

Quester's MedalEdit

+40 Energy
Complete 50 quests.

Cried Wolf TokenEdit

+5% Treasure drop chance
Call for help 50 times.

Valiant Soldier's BadgeEdit

+20 Health
Flee 100 times.

Dazed and Confused MedalEdit

+5 Defense
Stunned 200 times.

Badge of HonorEdit

+3 Attack, +3 Defense
Win 20 duels.

Badge of VictoryEdit

+5 To all stats
Win 100 duels.

Dungeon Master's BadgeEdit

Gives +5 to all stats
Complete 5 dungeons.

Global BadgesEdit

Signet of FriendshipEdit

+20 Health, +5 Attack
Have 10 friends.

Leader's SignetEdit

+20 Energy, +5 Defense
Have 20 friends.

General's SignetEdit

+10 Defense, +20 Speed
Have 40 friends.

Guild Leader's SignetEdit

+5% Crit, +10% Total health
Have 75 friends.

Fire SignetEdit

+10 Attack
Complete Fire Quest Line.

Air SignetEdit

+100 Energy
Complete Air Quest Line

Earth SignetEdit

+10 Defense
Complete Earth Quest Line.

Water SignetEdit

+100 Health
Complete Water Quest Line

Token of GratitudeEdit

Lowers gold prices by 10%
Give 50 gifts.

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